Frequently Asked Questions

icon 48 help thisAfter reading the this complete manual it could be you still have a few unanswered questions. We crunched our brains a bit more and started this chapter. If your question isn’t in this chapter you can always use our support tickets at


• How to style the display of the ReqText required fields in the frontend?
The ReqText plugin uses the VirtueMart used styles to display all the information for a product. If you want to design your own style to display your products you’ll have to use template overrides.
Just go to for more information how to create your own template overrides.


• Can I set an individual price for each selected option using the checkbox field?
Yes, starting from ReqText version 1.5 it is possible to set individual prices for each selected option. See the corresponding chapters to use individual pricing.


• Can I remove the added “no extra costs” added to the field options?
Yes, you can but it’s not a function from within the ReqText plugin. You’ll have to use the Joomla!™ language overrides tool for it (only applies for ReqText versions prior to version 1.2):

  1. In the Joomla!™ backend hover over extensions and click language manager.
  2. Click the overrides tab and click new.
  3. Under search text you want to change, type com_virtuemart_cart_price_free. Ensure value is selected and click search. Click on the found result.
  4. Under create a new override, update the text to reflect what you want it to read. Leave it blank if don’t want to display any text.
  5. Click save & close in the top right menu.

That’s it but keep in mind you’ll have to do this for every language which you’ve installed for the frontend customers/users.


• Will ReqText still work after I’ve updated VirtueMart to a newer version?
Yes, it will. Because the plugin is programmed to be a stand-alone add-on for VirtueMart and it does not alter any VirtueMart source files. So any update of the VirtueMart component should work.

Unless the VirtueMart team decides to rewrite the plugin support. In that case we’ll try to release an update for ReqText as soon as possible.


Is it really necessary to set the “Cart Attirbute” or “Cart Input” to “Yes”?
If you want the customer to add input to a product he/she wants to order, it is necessary. If the cart attribute is set to no the ReqText required field will not be shown at any time.


• The Download ID seems to be invalid but my subscription is not expired yet?
You have probably changed your username, password or e-mail address on our website recently. Is that the case? You can find a newly generated Download ID in your personal menu after you have logged in at Use the new Download ID to enter in your ReqText plugin configuration. Now the updates should work as they should.
Still having trouble? Please contact use through our website to report the problem and we’ll assist you in the best ways we can.


• The required tip CSS looks screwed up. How can I fix it?
This has nothing to do with the used Poshy Tip CSS styles. Most likely your template contains CSS tags which overrides the tip CSS styles. Use a respected browser with a webdeveloper plugin to analyse which CSS tags “screw up” your tooltip.
You can also try to select another tip style for the required field in the ReqText plugin settings for the used required field.


• When I click the “Start Date” to set the Datepicker field the calendar popup does not show.
Because of the way VirtueMart uses custom fields plugins this option is only available when you save the product first. This only happens when you have just added the Datepicker required field as a new custom field for a product.