webdesignWebdesign is the businesscard for your company! UWiX delivers a professional website which presents your company to the internet in the way it's meant to be!

Standard website design

You are not looking for a self-maintaining website? UWiX will build a website according to your company's branding. Modern techniques are used which results in a fancy webdesign (according the Web 2.0 and later principles). A flowing design with nice "buttons" and animations where that it's needed. You customers will be able to find information quickly and with trust in your company.


Joomla! Template

UWiX doesn't only have experience in Joomla! development but also  in Joomla! template design. UWiX can design your website and "convert" it to a Joomla! template/design.
It's also possible you already have a beautiful design idea for a website but you would like it to be converted to a Joomla! environment. In that case UWiX can also help to create a good and functional template.


SEO (Search Engine Optimized)

SEO - search engine optimization - is a widely used term on the internet. In short terms it means "quick and easy to find by search engines".
You can be assured UWiX develops websites that comply to this requirement. From the first concept your website will be optimized in the best way so it can be indexed by search engines. Your customer can find your site quickly and there's a big change your company can be found in the first 10 search results (depends on used user search terms).

Do you want to have your website checked for the correct use of SEO? That's possible - UWiX can screen your website and advise you where pages can be improved, if needed ofcourse. Please do contact us for more information about SEO.

Would you like to know more about the webdesign UWiX delivers? You can contact us by filling the contact form.