FoolLog iconReqText is a VirtueMart plugin to add the functionality of required customer input fields for a product. This is a feature the current versions of VirtueMart do not have. This plugin does not affect any source code of the VirtueMart package or it’s plugins. You can update VirtueMart at any time without the loss of the ReqText functionality (in most cases).

This plugin contains an add-on for the VMPRICES.JS script which “overrides” the mouse click from add-to-cart button when a ReqText field is set for a product. This is needed so the script can use it’s routines to check if a customer input field is required and shows the corresponding message.
The optimized JavaScript file does not cause any conflicts with the existing VMPRICES.JS script from VirtueMart. This way you can always use all the benefits of VirtueMart and the ReqText plugin together.