FoolLog iconThe FoolLog component for Joomla!™ 3.3.x is a combination of a component and plugins that can log all sorts of user interaction on your website. With this component it's easy to monitor what's going on on your webiste and keep track of editting history.

Get a bit more in control of your Joomla!™ website by logging important actions made by your managers, authors, editors, publishers and (super)administrators. Or by any other User group you've implemented on your website, for that matter.
A lot of events can be monitored by the FoolLog component because it's using a system and a content plugin to do so. Actions like creating a new article, saving menu-items, login/logout by users, deleting items, installing new extensions are a few examples of what FoolLog can monitor.

Ofcourse the FoolLog plugins can monitor the frontend and the backend of your website. Well, as long as the taken action is supported in the front- or backend, ofcourse.

If your website is maintained by multiple users you can use the FoolLog component to keep track of (editting) history. What is done and by whom? But you do not have to be a multinational company to use this component. Do you run your website by yourself or maintain multiple website on your own? Then use FoolLog for your own maintance history!

Or can you remember everything you did on your website(s)?