developmentWhen you use Joomla! you know there are a lot of pretty nice components available for this C.M.S. But how can you adapt such components to your needs? UWiX develops your Joomla! component, module or plugin for your own needs so everything works the way it should for you.


cA component is a manager option (Joomla! back-end) which displays entered information in the front-end of your website. The front-end is the page your customers/visitors see when UWiX writes your custom component with the user-friendly Joomla! working environment in mind (MVC). All data shall be processed according to your company standards and the input options will be discussed thoroughly for a perfect end product.


mModules are the functional information windows at the front-end page. A module is nothing more than a neat way of displaying back-end or user information. Ofcourse the module will be tuned with the back-end component(s). UWiX will create the module in such way it'll match your website design.


pPlugins are responsible for extra Joomla! functionality. For the Managers/Editors of your website a plugin can save a lot of time. Pretty Web 2.0 effects, fast integration of component data, tabsheets in articles, etc. are easily accesible and can be used instantly. UWiX has the right knowledge to develop a correct and high quality Joomla! plugin.


Because of the many possibilities for a component it's undoable to mention them all on our website. What we could do is we'll guarantee you a component, module or plugin that is developed by us will match your ideas. All developed parts are tested and tuned to integrate these in your Joomla! environment fluently.

Do you want to know more about the Joomla! custom development of UWiX? Contact us by filling the contact form on our website.