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BreadCrumbs Advanced for Joomla! is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from the Joomla! installation. It supports all default breadcrumbs options but with several advanced extras.


Advanced options

You can set if the last breadcrumb shown should be cut off (trimmed).
Set the cut off position for the breadcrumb (after x characters).
Add any character(s) at the cut off end. That way you can customize your breadcrumbs for your users to see there's more to read.



When Show Last is set to No and Show Home is set to Yes it now does display Home, even if it is the last breadcrumb. This isn't the case with the default module.
When Show Last is set to No the seperator at the end of the line is now hidden. It was hangin' at the end of the line with the default module.


AlertYou can use this module instead of the original one but don't forget to deactivate the original breadcrumbs and activate this advanced one!

When your template has a line like this one: ...jdoc:include type="modules" name="breadcrumbs"... you'll have to replace the name with breadcrumbs_advanced. Or just use another position than breadcrumb.

Download BreadCrumbs Advanced here