webdesignWebdevelopment is custom webdesign. Do you want to develop a specific part of your website? UWiX has knowledge of PHP, MySQL, (x)HTML, Javascript and CSS to integrate your custom parts into your company website.

Seperate components

paperIt could be very well the case you already have a nice website online but you're just missing a part for your customers. Think of contactforms, products overview, a photo gallery, a small managment page, etc. Such components are easily to integrate in your existing website and UWiX can help you with it.

Together we'll discuss what's the best solution and create a planning of integration. Your existing website style will be preserved ofcourse. This way no difference should be noticable for your customers.
We create components which are easy to maintenance so you're not dependent on UWiX to manage your website. UWiX believes you do not need to make extra costs for tasks you can perform on your own.

Complete solution

conference A custom website is fully focused on your needs and website possiblities. This could be a website where Joomla! isn't the solution but your company does need maintenance capabilities. For instance you want to catalogue gemstones with the aid of your users or you want employees to participate in your companies website. Often you'll need a custom solution and that's exactly what UWiX can do for you.

UWiX has the knowledge and experience to develop custom websites - completely user friendly and focussed on manageability for you and your employees! All (im)possibilities are communicated with you in advance and intermediate evaluations shall lift the end product to a high quality.


Would you like to learn more about the separete components or complete solutions UWiX delivers? You can contact us by filling the contact form.