upagebreak iconJoomla! 3.x
UPagebreak is  Joomla!™ 3.1.x Plugin to add some extra options to the default Pagebreak plugin installed with a default Joomla!™ installation.

This plugin was first created for internal use to provide some better options when writing online documentation using the standard articles. After we've tweaked the default plugin to our own needs we realized we are probably not the only ones who could use the plugin. So, here it is: an alternative for the default Pagebreak plugin to use for all of you - totally free of charge!


Features added

Set the alignment for the Previous and Next button to the left, the right or centered.
Add a goto Top button for easy reloading of the active page (when using a table of contents).
The plugin is based upon the default Joomla!™ Pagebreak plugin so it's fully compatible with your existing articles with pagebreaks.


Download UPagebreak plugin here