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The HitZero plugin can reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles.

When creating a new article for your site and you want to be sure it looks good so - if you are like us - you test it as an online user. Sometimes this needs to be done multiple times before releasing it for public users.
The downside is that your article hit counter isn't set to zero anymore but you are the only one who has viewed it. Allright, let's set it back to zero before activating the article... Well, if you know your SQL queries this shouldn't be a big problem but it takes some unnecessary time to do so. And if you do not have any knowledge of SQL queries? Then you're stuck.

Now this is where the HitZero plugin comes in! It can do what you want.


An extra button is added to the article view toolbar if you want to. That button can reset the counter for all selected articles at once. But, there's more. Also a little toolbarbutton is added to the buttons in front of the article titles (where you can (un)publish an article). That way you can reset the hit counter immediately for that particular article.

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Article Overview (J!3)

Global buttons (J!3)

Article Overview (J!4)

Action dropdown (J!4)


Be aware: this plugin only works with the default Isis Administrator template (J!3) or the Autumn Administrator template (J!4). We cannot guarantee (and offer any support) when using any other Administrator template in your Joomla! backend.

Mini-button to reset single article

In front of the article titles an extra mini-button is added to reset the hit counter for that article quickly. Easy and fast!

Button to reset multiple articles

Use the "Clear ALL Hits" button at the top of the article view toolbar to reset the hit counter for the selected articles. This way you can use the reset once for multiple articles.


Easy updates now and in the future using the Joomla! update feature.

Free! Really?

Yes! The HitZero plugin is a free to use plugin - free for private users and free for business users also!


Download HitZero plugin here