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The FoolLog component can log all sorts of user interaction on your website. With this component it is easy to monitor what is going on your website and keep track of editting history. Especially when you have multiple managers/editors for your site this component can help you clearify changes.

component overview



Log users who login, logout or register on your site. Also backend user editting can be logged to keep track of changes.


Joomla!™ messages can also be logged. This way you can check for any message, notice, warnings & error notifications reported to your users/system.


Check what plugins, modules, libraries, etc. are installed, disabled or (un)published on your site using the Extension Manager.


Content that is created, editted, deleted, published or unpublished is logged with username, time and date.

Search keywords

Log search keywords your users use to search your website. Examine the results to setup your content even better for your site.


Configuration settings for components can be logged to keep track of where, when and what options are changed.

Export to CSV

Export your log results to CSV for easy processing your log data with 3rd party software or your own spreadsheet.


View logging statistics per month, per year for all categories or sorted by a single category. Statistics are always usefull for a fast overview.

Plugin support

New extensions created by us will integrate FoolLog logging when applicable. Our latest HitZero plugin is already supported by the FoolLog component. But other extensions are also supported by the FoolLog component and the list will be extended regulary.

Currently supported extensions are:

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To read more about what is possible with the FoolLog component you can check the documentation.


Try the demo

Give the ReqText plugin a try and test it using our demo website at Check to see how the extension performs in the backend and find out it's possibilities. All the information you need to logon can also be found at the demo site.



FoolLog Component

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