Quick steps for adding a Reqtext custom field

For all the users who haven’t got the spare time to read the full explanation how to add a ReqText custom field, here’s a shortcut list:

  1. Open the VirtueMart component.
  2. Select custom fields in the left menu of VirtueMart and click the new button.
  3. Select plug-ins at the Custom field type.
  4. Select ReqText for VirtueMart at the select a plug-in option.
  5. Fill in a title and click save.
  6. Enter all the necessary settings for the custom field including the ReqText fields. Remember to set the cart attribute to yes. And in case you’re using VirtueMart 3 you should also set the cart input to yes.
  7. Click save & close.
  8. Click products in the Virtuemart menu and select the product name where you want to add the ReqText input field.
  9. Open the tab custom fields.
  10. At the custom field type click on the dropdown list and select your newly created ReqText custom field.
  11. Enter all the required information and click save & close.

Now your customers see a (required) input field added to the product you’ve just configured. Make sure you check everything (in a protected test environment) before going online.