Date Picker field

Are you in need of a date input from your customer? The datepicker input field does that. You can set the start date to display in the calendar popup and if no date is selected the ‘Required Field’ message is shown.

man calendar

  1. You can set the checkbox input field to be required (or not) for this product. If you leave this option set to ‘no’ your customers can always order a product even if they leave the input field empty.
  2. This is the hint which is displayed when the user needs to fill in the custom field. It is multi-lingual aware and by default it shows “Required Field”.
  3. Enter the date where the date picker popup should start. You can also use the calendar icon to select a date. If you do not set this option the date of today is used as start date.

AlertWhen youve added the date picker input field to your product custom fields you must save the product first! Otherwise the start date calendar selection will not work properly.