ReqText field types overview

Because you can define all sort of input fields we’ll explain the use of them in this chapter. All the possible fields are similar to the text input explained in the previous chapter.


Text input field

With this field the customer can add a single line for a product he/she wishes to order. The options for this field are also explained in the previous chapter but to let's go over them once again:

man textinput

  1. You can set the Text input field to be required (or not) for this product. If you leave this option set to ‘No’ your customers can always order a product even if they leave the input field empty.

  2. This is the hint which is displayed when the user needs to fill in the custom field. It is multi-lingual aware and by default it shows “Required Field”.

  3. This option can restrict the number of characters a customer can enter in the input field. When set to 0 or left blank no limit is set.

  4. If you set this field a user needs to enter the minimal number of characters before the product can be added to the cart. When set to 0 or left blank no limit is set.

  5. Here you can set the width of the input field. If you leave it empty (or set it to null) the default width is used (defined in template CSS or browser default).

  6. This feature allows you to set limitations to the input a user can enter. It is checked by a jQuery script when the user starts typing and before the result is saved into the cart.