ReqText field settings

You're now finished with setting the default Custom Field options. Let's have a look at the ReqText specific options:

man config03

  1. This is the title/description which will appear in the customers cart (and the cart overview) as a field title.

  2. Here you can select the pricing for this Custom Field. Should the price be charged per input, per letter or per selection? Ofcourse the Price Per Letter option will only work when using a Text or Textarea field type. And the Price Per Selection only works on the Radio,
    Checkbox or SelectList fields.

  3. You can choose the field type which should apply to this Custom Field. The following fields are available: Text, Textarea, SelectList, Radio, Checkbox and Datepicker (v1.2 and higher).

  4. The required popup tip can be styled using the following CSS styles:
    man tooltips
    Starting from ReqText version 1.5 the styling is set for each required field separatly. This way you can use multiple CSS styles for any required field for a product. But be aware that it could also work confusing for your customers if they see several different styled "Field Required" messages.

  5. Where shou;ld the tooltip appear: Left, Right, Top or Bottom of the required input field?

  6. Hide or show the "additional charge" for this field. When no charge is needed  and you have multiple required fields it can enhance your layout by setting this option to Yes.

  7. Set the field to be required or not. This can be changed separatly for each product where you use this ReqText Custom Field. This is the global setting for this ReqText Custom Field.

  8. Enter the different chioices for the SelectList. Separate each choice with Enter (new line).

  9. ! This value is important when you've set the Required Field to Yes !
    Enter the default selected value to check if the selection is different from this value. If the customer doesn't select another value the 'Required Field' tooltip will be shown. You can only set one default value to check.

  10. Here you can add custom prices for each selection. Enter a value for selections entered in the List Options field on a new line. Only enter the price value without any money currency and separate each value with Enter (new line).
    ! When no value is entered  (or not enough for every selection) 0.0 will be assumed by the plugin !

All these settings are the global plugin settings. Specific field type settings can be set when you add the ReqText custom field to the product which needs the required input. This way you can set individual selections for different products using one defined ReqText Custom Field.

Please enter a Shopping cart title and select the correct values for the other fields to complete the first step for using the ReqText custom field. Click man save&close to store the values and close the edit page.

AlertThe options 8, 9 and 10 are only used for the Checkbox, Radio and SelectList input fields. When you fill these fields in the custom fields tab of a product, those values are used. The values in this screen are global settings and will only be used for a product when no override settings are found!