Configure the ReqText plugin

icon 48 themesYou'll first need to add a new custom field to the products control panel before you can use it to add them in your products. This step is crucial because you'll need to set the default settings for a custom field and the type of input. So, let’s start using the plugin for one of your products just follow these steps:

  1. Click Components->VirtueMart at the top of your Joomla!™ backend or click the VirtueMart button in the top menu and select Control Panel (J!3).
  2. Click Products and select Custom Fields in the VirtueMart menu (at the left of your page).
  3. Click man new at the top right to open a new item form.

When the settings form is opened you'll get numerous fields to fill.

  1. Start by selecting Plug-ins in the Custom Field Type dropdown list ( man customselect ),
  2. At the bottom of the form the option Select a Plugin-in appears. Select ReqText For VirtueMart in that dropdown list. The additional parameters for the ReqText plugin will show on screen.
  3. Enter a title in the Title field at the top of the form.

AlertPlease click  man save  before you continue entering any settings. After doing this a few unnecessary items for this plugin will be hidden and new options will appear.