Enter the Download ID for subscribed updates

icon 48 clearWhen you want to download updates for the ReqText plugin through the Joomla! update feature you’ll need to enter your Download ID in the configuration of the plugin.
So, let’s do so:

  1. Move your mouse at the top of the page and hover it above the title Extensions or click the ReqText For VirtueMart plugin title if you’ve just followed the instructions for activating the ReqText plugin (if so continue at step 4).
  2. In the dropdown menu which appears select the Plug-in Manager.
  3. In the displayed list of plugins it could be hard to find the ReqText plugin, so enter ReqText in the Filter field and click Search.
  4. Click on the ReqText For VirtueMart title to open the plugin parameters.

On the plugin page you’ll see a panel/tab ReqText Updates which contains an input field called Download Id. This is where you’ll have to enter the Download ID which you can retrieve from our website http://www.uwix.nl after you’ve logged in. The Download ID can be found in the personal menu and is only valid for the duration of your subscription.

man config01

  1. Enter the Download ID you’ve found on the UWiX website or do a copy-paste of the ID in the input field.
  2. Select to use minified CSS files for faster loading of the tooltips styling for the frontend users. The smaller the files the faster your webpage(s) load. Remember this setting is only used in the frontend!

Click man save to store the Download ID in the plugin configuration. After doing this you can use the Joomla! update feature to download and install updates for the ReqText plugin according your subscription period.