icon 48 downloadThe ReqText plugin is not a part of any component. The plugin can be downloaded from http://www.uwix.nl When you visit our website you can select the Download button and browse for the ReqText category. That’s the category which contains the latest version of the plugin.

You can use the ReqText plugin in combination with VirtueMart 3.x or VirtueMart 4.x which can be downloaded from http://www.virtuemart.org.


ReqText Requirements

ReqText is a VirtueMart plugin and not a stand-alone component for Joomla!™. The full list of requirements to use ReqText is:

  • Joomla!™ 3.x or 4.x and PHP compatible version.
  • VirtueMart 3.x or 4.x.
  • jQuery support activated for your site (default when using VirtueMart).
  • Administrator rights to Joomla!™ for installing extensions.
  • And of course some products added to your webshop. :-)

If you already have a site installed on a server you’ll have to make sure all folder rights are set correctly according the Joomla!™ and VirtueMart requirements.
The ReqText plugin uses the Poshy javascript library for displaying tooltips in different (popup) CSS styles. All credits go the Vadikom Web Ltd. for the development of this script. For more information go to http://vadikom.com.

AlertAlways make sure you test any configuration or add-on in a protected test-environment. It is NOT recommended to test a plugin like ReqText directly in a live environment.