Radio button input field

When using the radio button input field your customers can select one of the listed options for a product. Only one selection is possible and if the customer selection is the same as the default selected value the ‘Required Field’ message will appear, that is if the Required Field is set to yes.

man radio

  1. You can set the radio button input field to be required (or not) for this product. If you set this option to ‘no’ your customers can always order a product even if they haven’t select anything.

  2. This is the hint which is displayed when the user needs to fill in the custom field. It is multi-lingual aware and by default it shows “Required Field”.

  3. Enter the different choices for the radio button list. Separate each choice with enter (new line).

  4. Here you can add custom prices for each selection. Enter a value for each selection entered in the list options field on a new line. Only enter the price value without any money currency. Separate each value with enter(new line).
    ! When no value (or not enough for every selection) 0.0 will be assumed by the plugin !
  5. ! This value is important when you’ve set the required field to yes !
    Enter the default selected value to check if the selection is different from this value. If the selection is NOT different a ‘Required field’ message will be shown to the customer. You can only set one default value to check. Separate each value with enter (new line).

AlertThe options 3, 4 and 5 will be used prior to the global settings of these fields you've setup in the "custom fields" area of the VirtueMart control panel. When you leave these fields emtpy the plugin falls back to the global settings of the "custom field".