Why do I need ReqText?

icon 48 pluginWell, as stated above – the current version of VirtueMart does not offer the possibility to add customer input fields that must be filled (required) before ordering a product. Also missing is the option to add radio buttons or checkboxes. You can set the options for each product individually and this can be achieved using the Custom Fields option in the VirtueMart backend.

So when you require input for a product you can use this ReqText plugin. For instance when you sell personalized towels with the printed name of your customer, you need to know what the customer’s name is before you can deliver such an order. The customer selects the product in your webshop and before the Add To Cart button can be clicked a text field must be filled. If not the customer will be noticed about the missing text and the order is not placed in the cart, yet.

After filling all required fields the product can be added to the cart and all entered values are listed beneath the product in the cart.

AlertBecause the ReqText plugin is now suitable to use in Joomla! ™ version 3.x and 4.x it could be pictures in this manual do not match the Joomla! ™ environment you are using. But titles and buttons are very look-a-like throughout both versions. If needed this manual describes everything for both Joomla! ™ versions.