Frequently Asked Questions

icon 48 help thisAfter reading this manual it could be you still have a few unanswered questions. Maybe this chapter can help you a bit. If your question isnt answered in this FAQ you can always use our support forum.

• The plugin does not seem to work?
You should check a few things:

  1. Did you Enable the HitZero plugin in the backend?
  2. Do you have articles that have a hitcounter larger than zero? If not HitZero has nothing to reset and will not do anything.

• The curved arrow or green circular button is grayed out (versions prior to 1.2.2).
When the hit counter of an article is already zero there is no need to reset it. That is the reaso why the button is grayed out and it will become active if the hit counter is bigger than zero.
But you can change this behaviour by changing a plugin parameter:

  1. Login to the backend of your Joomla!™ website using Administrator credentials.
  2. Click Extensions -> Plugins to open the plugins overview.
  3. In the Search field you'll have to type "HitZero" and click the search button.
  4. Open the plugin parameters by clicking on the HitZero plugin title.
  5. Set the Disabled HitZero button to No.
  6. Click Save & Close to store the configuration.
  7. When you open the Article overview the button is enabled even for articles with a zero hit count.

 • The curved arrow or green circular button is not shown in the articles overview.

  1. For older versions prior to version 1.2.2 check the configuration of the plugin. There is an option to turn the display of the reset button on or off for the articles overview.
  2. And ofcrouse make sure the plugin itself is published/enabled.