Frequently Asked Questions

icon 48 help thisAfter reading this manual it could be you still have a few unanswered questions. Maybe this chapter can help you a bit. If your question isnt answered in this FAQ you can always use our support forum.

• The plugins does not seem to work?
You should check a few things:

  1. Did you Enable the Content - FoolLog by UWiX plugin in the backend?
  2. Did you enable the System - FoolLog by UWiX plugin in the backend also?
  3. Have you done any action that should be logged like saving an article?
  4. Have you changed any user rights to prevent any logging for a certain user(group)?


• The Download CSV button is missing.
The Download CSV button will only be shown if a exported file is available for download. This will only be the case if you've pressed the CSV Export button earlier.

If clicking the CSV Export button does not show the Download CSV button, please check the following:

  1. Be sure the website has write permissions on the media/com_foollog/export folder.
  2. Does the current user has any right limitations for creating an export file?.


 • When installing an extension multiple logs are created, why?
Extension packages can contain multiple installation files for seperate plugins/components/modules. So it is very likely possible such installation logs multiple installed packages. This is also the case when installing a new language in your Joomla!™ website.

So don't worry, the FoolLog plugins does the job correctly. Now you know exactly what is installed in your Joomla!™ website for any package.


 • Will FoolLog work in Joomla!™ 4?
We've already tested the installation and usage of the FoolLog component and it's plugins in the Joomla!™ 4 public Alpha release and all seems to work fine.

We will keep on testing every new release in Joomla!™ version 4 but we can only guarantee it'll work perfectly when the final release of Joomla!™ 4 is released. Only than it's possible to adjust code so everything will work as it should in this new Joomla!™ version.