Why do a I need a license to use FoolLog?

icon 48 statsDeveloping a component and plugins on this scale consumens a lot of development time. And ofcourse it's always nice to enjoy good extensions without any purchase costs but to keep this a high quality extension more time needs to be invested in the future.

The costs for a license of the FoolLog component aren't that high if you can easily track errors, see user search statistics or who installed what extension. You even get a full year of free support through our Ticket System and a full year of free updates for the component! Also you can download addons, plugins for third party components to log in the near future.

The costs for the FoolLog license are € 45,00 (without tax) and you can download the component instantly after your paypemt is received. By the way, you can use the component for an unlimited time and on any website you develop/install. As mentioned it gives you a full year access to our Ticket Support system for the FoolLog component.

AlertThis component is only supported for Joomla!™ 3.4 and higher and PHP 5.4 and higher. We cannot support any help requests if your below one of these versions. Be sure your hosting provider has the correct versions installed.