Frequently Asked Questions

icon 48 help thisAfter reading this complete manual it could be you still have a few unanswered questions. We've crunched our brains a bit more and started this chapter to help you out. If your question isnt answered in this' FAQ you can always use our support forum.

• The effect of the breadcrumbs does not look like it supposed to?
You should check a few things:

  1. See if any breadcrumbs CSS styles are defined in your template style sheet.
  2. Are you using a browser which is fully CSS3 compatible? We know there are some issues in Microsoft Edge™ and Internet Explorer versions. Also older browser versions are not updated to use CSS3 styling.
  3. Really sure you did set any 'weird' color selection in the module parameters? ;-)

• I cannot see any Breadcrumbs on any of my pages?
There could be multiple reasons for this so check the following:

  1. Is the module Published in the backend?
  2. Did you assign the correct module position to the BreadCrumbs CSS module (template dependant)?
  3. Is the BreadCrumbs CSS module the only one published? If not Unpublish the other ones.
  4. Have you set the BreadCrumbs CSS module to display on all pages on the Menu Assignment tab? If that is set to No Pages nothing shall be displayed in the front-end of your website.

If all of the above is set correctly try reinstalling the module (don't worry all your settings will be as is) and follow the installation steps one-by-one (once again).

• The shadow color is hardly or not at all visible?
Make sure you've set  a contrasting shadow color according to the background color of your template. If you use multiple templates on your site you'll have to add another BreadCrumbs CSS module for the display on the pages with a different template, if you want different shadow colors.