Download the module

icon 48 downloadThis module is not a part of any component and can be downloaded from our download section. You can select the Download button and browse for the BreadCrumbs CSS category. That's the category which contains the latest version of the module.

You'll need a BC-CSS subscription if you want to download the module. And ofcourse we'll give you support when you need it! From the moment you've purchased the ReqText plugin you'll recieve full support for one year. This also includes the downloading of new versions and bugfixes for the BC-CSS module. And best of all; you can use the BC-CSS module on any site you develop for the period of a life time!

BreadCrumbs CSS requirements

BreadCrumbs CSS is a module and not a stand-alone component for Joomla!™. The full list of requirements to use this module is:

  • Joomla!™ 3.8 and higher or 4.x and PHP compatible version.
  • Administrator account to login into Joomla!™ for installing extensions.
  • Internet browser that supports CSS3 styling (like the latest FireFox or Chrome).
  • Some reserved module position in your template to set the BreadCrumbs CSS module. :-)

The BreadCrumbs CSS module uses no javascript nor will it add any to your template. The only code that is added to your webpages is the CSS styling set by you in the module configuration. And only the necassary CSS is added to the page so it wil not 'overload' your site and keeps loading fast.