Why do I need BreadCrumbs CSS?

icon 48 moduleWell, you do not really need our BreadCrumbs CSS module but it looks more slick on your website. Breadcrumbs are most of the time boring to see but needed for a good navigation experience for your visitors!

To use some nice animation trics you can integrate CSS declarations into your template style sheets but when you want to use some different animation on other pages it get's a bit harder to do. So why not use a module that does all the work for you? Also you cannot use CSS to "cut-off" the longer breadcrumbs and our BreadCrumbs CSS module can! You can set the maximum length of a breadcrumb before it is "cut-off" by the module and even follow-up characters can be added at the position of the cut-off.

When using our module it is possible to change the Home url or maybe you do not want the Home link to be clickable - so that can be set too. And sometimes the breacrumbs module starts a bit too far to the left in your template. And yes, you can fix that using your template style-sheet but for your convience you can add padding (form the left) from within the module settings. Did we already mention it's fully CSS3 compatible and only loads the needed (read configured) CSS3 style and animations?

As you can read there are some nice reasons why you should try our BreadCrumbs CSS module.

AlertThis module is only supported for Joomla!™ 3.3.x and higher. It does NOT use any javascript functions like our other module called BreadCrumbs Advanced (Plus). There are no plans whatsoever to integrate any javascripts into future releases of this BreadCrumbs CSS module.