update iconJust recently we've noticed somethig odd when using the update streams from the Akeeba Release System for our new released extensions.
Somehow our new extension do not return any update information in the Joomla! backend environment when a new release is available? First I thought it was just some typo in the FoolLog component update so I started the bug journey from there.
First I've checked the XML manifest for the correct update server link and it's extension ID. To make sure everything is set correctly I compared it with other XML manifest files from our extensions. I concluded that link was correct and copying the link in the browser showed me the correct update stream XML data - a new version could be found in the XML data. For the next step I went to the Update Sites Manager in Joomla! to check all is setup correctly and nothing for the FoolLog component is disabled. All looks fine too.

A bit stunned I decided to install an older version of our BreadCrumbs Advanced module in a test environment which I was certain off the update function was setup correctly. Installed the module, checked if it was installed succesfully and after that started to search for any updates using the Extension Update Manager. The result? Nothing. Just no updates what-so-ever?!
Allright than let's get online to our website and see what's going in the Akeeba Releas System update streams. First check the module update stream - which worked perfectly for months - and see what is set in there. Let's click the XML that should be generated... hmmm.... seems fine too - it is generated as it should and contains all the necessary data to correctly update.

Still not fully convinced the update stream settings were correct I decided to adjust some settings; changing the Element naming, changing the Site area, changing the Package naming pattern but no results. The updated version was not found for the module.
Thinking I could have misted something in an update for the Akeeba Releas System I started reading the online documentation (once more) for ARS. As I had already expected all settings for the update streams are set correctly according the ARS manual.

Whatever setting I would change no update is shown for the module - and I am one hundred percent sure the update is available! So, let's start some debugging and try to read some values from the core Akeeba Release System update function. And I do not want to bore you as a blog reader so I'll skip the code I've used to debug - but some strange thing popped up. The XML update streams data is read when checking for updates but the environment version compare returns 3.x every time. Is it even possible to check a such result as a number (integer)?
The environment?  The working environment..... The Joomla! version? Wait a second! The ARS control panel has an Environments button which can be set for each downloadable item and it is also check upon an update request.
After renaming the XML update stream platform for the selected Joomla! enviroment (set in the ARS Environments) from joomla/3.x to joomla/3.8, I clicked the Find Updates button once more and I've got the result I was looking for this entire day! An update version to download!

After checking every Enviroment type in the ARS and renaming when needed all update streams work as they should; just perfectly!