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The DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show the important information about your project online including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

The DigiFolio component has a lot of possibilities included. That's why it's versatile and perfect to use on any website. The CSS styles are easy adjustable through the backend settings of the component. This way you can adjust every view to the layout of your website! Digifolio has an easy to understand interface, which is the same as any Joomla! component so you'll be up and running in no time! Just explore the many functions of this great component by selecting "Digifolio" in the components menu. Fill in some data and create a menu link to the Digifolio overview. It's that simple!

Watermarks and images

icon-dfclear-32Add a watermark to each image in your portfolio. A copy is from every original image is made where a watermark will be integrated. The watermark can be fully customized with your own text including color, font, size, transparancy, position and even with an angle. When you disable the watermark function through the backend settings the original images are displayed for your projects.

icon-dfmulti32Each DigiFolio project can contains a master image (even with an alternative thumbnail image) and can optionally contain 5 other images. These images will be displayed using a modern javascript/css3 popup. Ofcourse you can always choose to disable the javascript popups to display the images.



langMulti-lingual support is fully implemented according the Joomla! principles. For each project you can set the language which is (also) installed in your Joomla! environment. The component displays the projects and categories in the proper language on your mulit-lingual website.


Digifolio Plugins

icon-dfplugin-32Three plugins are installed together with the Digifolio Component. These are added to enjoy the component even more!
The "Content" plugin and can be used to add Digifolio projects to your articles/pages. The view isn't managed by the Digifolio component then but it's added to your article. This way you do not have to create extra menu items if you want to add a project to your articles.

The "Insert Button" plugin adds a button below the Joomla! text editor to quickly add an project to your articles. No need to memorize the codes and ID's to add projects to an article. Just clilck the button, select your project, save the article and it's done.

The third and final plugin is the "Search" plugin. This plugin adds search functionality to the Joomla! search option to let users look for keywords in your Digifolio projects.


Display features


There are several ways to display your Digifolio projects. All are neatly sorted on category, displayed as thumbnails or just directly in a list with all projects. The choice is all yours how to display this through CSS or by selecting a default theme. Yes, you've read it correctly, Digifolio had several CSS themes integrated into itself to show your projects in a certain theme. The editting of your own CSS styling is made easy by using the CSS editor in the backend of the Digifolio component.


Backup & Recovery

icon-dfbackup-32Ofcourse advanced backup and recovery functions cannot be left out of a good component like this one. That's the reason why you can create fast and easy backups for all projects, categories and CSS styles you've set for the component. With a click of a button everything is saved in backup files. You can even download the backup files as one ZIP archive for later usage. The ZIP archive is also a standard Joomla! extension installation package which can be installed through the Joomla! extensions manager to restore the backup files easily for use in the Digifolio component.

And ofcourse we kept in mind your wish would be to restore a backup from Digifolio version 2.5! The recovery function in Digifolio for Joomla! 3 automaticly recognizes older backup files and adapts these files to use recover them correctly. Be aware; the CSS backup is recover correctly but the latest Digifolio contains more CSS tags so you may need to make some adjustments after recovering an older backup.



update-32The previous Digifolio version contained the Akeeba Live Update package for fast and easy updating. Now we've arrived at a Joomla! 3 version which contains a pretty Extension Update function. So when a new version of Digifolio is released your Joomla! backend will let you know and presents you a very easy way to update our component!


Free to use?

update-32Yes, this version of Digifolio can also be used in your website without any payment. This means Digifolio is free for private and business use! When you need support for the Digifolio component you can check out the Support pages on this website. For using the Support Ticket System you'll need a Support license. You can buy one by clicking the Suppor license link on the menu at the Support page.