reqtext j30After a lot of internal discussion we've decided the next release of our leading VirtueMart plugin "ReqText" will not be compatible for Joomla!™ 2.x and VirtueMart 2 anymore.

The development of the ReqText plugin consumes a lot of time with only the testing of the plugin. Since the support for Joomla!™ 2.5 has ended December 31, 2014 and the community recommends upgrading to Joomla!™ 3.x for a long time already, we've decided to stop supporting it for the ReqText plugin. That way we can decrease the plugin code, make it less bug sensitive, update the code better and safe upon 50% of testing time!

We're working very hard to release ReqText version 1.6 for J!3 and VM3 soon with a few neat features like an adjustable color selector. And ofcourse we'll keep on releasing bug and security fixes for ReqText version 1.54 with full Joomla!™ 2.5 and VirtueMart 2 compatibility but the new feautures will only be integrated for ReqText version 1.6 and up (J!3 and VM3 only).