bcrumbscss(150x150)We have a new Joomla!™ module to offer in our products range! One that can be seen as the follow up (or replacement for the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus module.

For your convience this new module is called BreadCrumbs CSS! And the reason for that is the full use of CSS3 animations without the need of any Javascript code (except for the IE11 blur fix). We took care we implemented all the extra functions from the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus into this new module. But now you can create even more beautiful breadcrumbs on all of your websites. For instance you can let the breadcrumbs shake when your users hover above them. Or what about a nice text blur and even a complete shadow on the ground for your breadcrumbs?

So we think there are a lot of new features to discover. For more information and examples of the animations you can browse to the product information of the BreadCrumbs CSS module.