digifolio 3 logoYes, you've read it correctly! Digifolio for Joomla! 3 is finally finished!

With a delay over more than a year we are proud to release version 3.00 of the Digifolio component which is reprogrammed for use in Joomla! version 3.x. We had never set an actual release date for this version but due to company projects the deadline kept on moving further and further until today!

What has this new version to offer for you? Well, ofcourse a compatible restore function for backups of the Joomla! 2.5 version of Digifolio (v.2.x) and extra lightbox popup possibilities. CSS themes are also integrated and more fonts to use for watermarking are also added. Almost every source file is rewritten so the component can be used in Joomla! 3.
Ofcourse all the features from Digifolio 2.x are preserved and most are extended or improved. Just install Digifolio 3.00 to see what's new and how fast you can setup a portfolio on your website(s).