upjoomlaWe've released the first version of the ReqText VM plugin just a few days ago and here's version 1.1 already!

This update contains a few bug fixes and one of them is the handling of multiple required input fields for a product. Everything should work fine now. Also added is the usage of the update stream feature of Joomla! 2.5 so you can easily update the plugin through the update function from Joomla!

ReqText is a VirtueMart 2.x plugin to add the functionality of required customer input fields for a product. This is a feature the current version of VirtueMart (version 2.0.24 at this moment) does not have.
You also have the possibilities to add several types of input fields to a product. For example you can add radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

On ReqText VirtueMart plugin page you can read the full product overview.