nogoAfter an user alerted us about some login and registatration trouble, we've noticed it was not possible to login or even register to our website.

This had to do with a faulty plugin and with the latest Joomla! update (v2.5.9). After fixing the plugin and resetting some Joomla! global settings everything should work fine now. All the users which couldn't or weren't activated are activated by our administrator now.

So we sencerely apologize to all our users for this trouble and we hope you now can enjoy our website again!

df25This update release fixes a problem when you're trying to uninstall the DigiFolio component.

If you did not select the "DigiFolio Package" as uninstallation option not the whole DigiFolio component is uninstalled. And if that is the case you can experience some errors in the frontpage of your website about missing files.

This had to do with a missing file check in the Content Plugin of the DigiFolio component. This issue is fixed now - so no more missing files errors.

You can download the latest version from the download page or by using the Live Update button from within the DigiFolio component. You can also find the changelog there.

refreshAfter several reports from our users we've released a new update for the DigiFolio component for Joomla! 1.5.

Some users reported problems when saving the DigiFolio configuration and with the views of some projects. These problems are solved (with some others) and the new version can be downloaded from the download pages. Or you can use the Live Update functionality from within the DigiFolio component.

Not many users have discoverd our DigiStyle plugin but that doesn't mean people aren't waiting for new releases.

This new release isn't very shocking but it's update with the latest JQuery version and also compatible with Internet Explorer 9. With version 1.01 and IE9 not all the effects were working properly so this update was necessary.

Al the possibilities of this plugin can be found at this page en you can download it from this location.

From september 2012 DigiStyle is no longer supported or updated.