Installing the ExtUpNotification plugin

icon 48 configYou can install the ExtUpNotification plugin like any other extension in Joomla!™. But for those who haven't done that in a long time, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the backend of your Joomla!™ website using Administrator credentials.
  2. Select in the backend overview the Extensions -> Manage menu option.
  3. Click the Upload Package File tab and click Browse next to the Extension Package file title. Select the ExtUpNotification Plugin package which you have downloaded from our website.
  4. Click Upload & Install to load and install the plugin.

When everything went well you'll get a nice message "Installing plugin was succesfull.". But, you're not done yet.

  1. Click Extensions -> Plugins to open the plugins overview.
  2. In the Search field you'll have to type "extupnotification" and click the search button.
  3. Open the plugin parameters by clicking the title which contains Extension Update Notification plugin (UWiX).
  4. Set the parameters to your needs and also set the Status to Enabled to activate the plugin. Remember: if you do not fill any email address and the plugin is activated it will send an notification e-mail to ALL super users known in the backend of your website. That is if an update of any extension is found.
  5. Click Save & exit to store your plugin settings.

That's it. Let's start using the ExtUpNotification plugin.

AlertThis plugin is installed with only English translation files. If you want to translate it to your own language you'll have to create your them using the Joomla! standards. More information can be found at