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BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus 1.0 Stable

Released on: Sunday, 01 July 2012 22:02

All default options from the breadcrumbs module:
+ Show "Home"?
+ Alternate text for "Home"
+ Show last?
+ Seperator

Plus the extra's from the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus (BCAP) version:
+ Show "You are here"? (extra for Joomla! 1.5)
+ Alternative "Home" URL
+ Cut off last breadcrumb
+ Cut off after x characters
+ Add character(s) to the cut off breadcrumb
+ Move the BCAP layer x positions to right (padding-left); this could needed for some Joomla! Templates

Slide style options:
+ Set duration of the slide animation
+ Select the Slide effect: Slide, Bounce or Elastic
+ Set the visible area of the breadcrumb (in pixels)
+ Should the animation also start when a webpage is opened or only on mouse-hover?

Fade style options:
+ Set duration of the fade animation
+ Set the start transparancy value for each breadcrumb (between 0 and 1, where 1 means zero opacity)
+ Set the transparancy value for the mouse-over of a breadcrumb (between 0 and 1)
+ Set the transparancy value for the last breadcrumb (between 0 and 1)
+ Also apply transparancy to the "Home" breadcrumb?

+added, ^changed, !note, #fixed, -removed


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