update iconWhile working on a new update for our FoolLog component we have discoverd some troubles with the Joomla! Extension Manager update for our component (and plugins).

Why we didn't notice this in previous version is a riddle to us but we've got it now. It took a few days to figure out where things went wrong but finally starting from version 1.3.4 of the FoolLog component the update feature is working perfectly. The sad news is you'll have to download the latest FoolLog version manually from our website and install it like any other extension in Joomla!. You cannot use the Extension Manager Update function for the earlier versions of the component. We're sorry about that.


Semantic versioning.

The version numbering is also addressed starting from this release of FoolLog. We want to follow the standard for versioning our extensions and slowly migrate to version numbers which are noted like: 1.x.x instead of 1.xx. This has some consequences for existing extensions on our website with the Extension Manager Update functionallity. It is possible some updated versions aren't recognized correctly so they do not appear in the Manager. The only way to solve this issue is to download the installation package from our website and install it manually using the Extension Manager. This is needed to get the versioning correctly.

You can download the latest FoolLog component, it's plugins and other extensions from our download page. For some of our extensions you'll need an active subscription license.
If you need any help installing or having troubles you can use the Support Ticket System to get in touch.