foollog150x150It's friday and a good day to release a new version of the FoolLog component. It contains some bugfixes and a better display of all the log record information (like extra data stored by the plugins).

When you want to use new or updated plugins for the FoolLog component it's best to install this FoolLog version so all functions work correctly. Sometimes we implement extra functionality to the component so plugins work flawlessly together with FoolLog.

foollog plg150x150Also available starting today is the JoomShopping FoolLog plugin. JoomShopping is a free online shop component and several users have requested a FoolLog plugin for it.

Using this plugin you can log create, save, update, moderate and deleted actions for JoomShopping categories, products, orders, payment methods, shipping prices, etc. It will also log configuration changes for the component. For this plugin to work correctly you'll have to use the FoolLog component version 1.3.

Interested in what FoolLog can do for you? Do check the FoolLog product page product page and the documentation to read how easy it is to use the FoolLog component.