foollog150x150As promised last year we've just released a grand new component called FoolLog.

So, what does it do? Well, we develop and also create Joomla!™ websites and sometimes they are pretty complex. When testing (or using) these sites we wanted to know what we had changed before and in some cases a customer couldn't tell us what was changed recently. What if we could check the logs.... oh..... there is only basic logging....

So, we've created this FoolLog component and it can log a lot of things you and your users do in the backend and the frontend. What article is created, changed, deleted and by who? Which extension is installed and or (un)published? What configuration setting is changed for a certain component?

There are a lot of other logs that can be created by the component and you can set them separately using it's options. We also release plugins for 3rd party components for special loggin. Already available is the plugin for Advanced Module Manager from Regular Labs and for ZOO a plugin will be released soon.

Getting interested? Do check the FoolLog product page product page and the documentation to read how easy it is to use the FoolLog component.