hitzero iconWith the upcoming Joomla! version 4 we've recently started testing and updating our extensions so they can be used in this new Joomla! version.

Today we are releasing the new version of our HitZero plugin which you can use to reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles. This version installs in Joomla! v3.9 but also works perfectly in Joomla! v4alpha.
The toolbar Clear All Hits button in Joomla! v4alpha can be found in the dropdown button called Change Status in the article overview. In Joomla! 3 it is still added as an extra button to the article overview toolbar.

You can find a bit more information on the product page and you can download it from the HitZero download section. Ofcourse we've also created documentation for the plugin which can be found here.

newyear2019After a beautifull 2018 we wish our visitors a fantastic 2019. A nice year in which Joomla! version 4 will be released and UWiX will offer beautiful products.
Products where all Joomla! Users can use the website to make the website they build and use even better.

Happy New Year to everybody!

update iconWhile working on a new update for our FoolLog component we have discoverd some troubles with the Joomla! Extension Manager update for our component (and plugins).

Why we didn't notice this in previous version is a riddle to us but we've got it now. It took a few days to figure out where things went wrong but finally starting from version 1.3.4 of the FoolLog component the update feature is working perfectly. The sad news is you'll have to download the latest FoolLog version manually from our website and install it like any other extension in Joomla!. You cannot use the Extension Manager Update function for the earlier versions of the component. We're sorry about that.


Semantic versioning.

The version numbering is also addressed starting from this release of FoolLog. We want to follow the standard for versioning our extensions and slowly migrate to version numbers which are noted like: 1.x.x instead of 1.xx. This has some consequences for existing extensions on our website with the Extension Manager Update functionallity. It is possible some updated versions aren't recognized correctly so they do not appear in the Manager. The only way to solve this issue is to download the installation package from our website and install it manually using the Extension Manager. This is needed to get the versioning correctly.

You can download the latest FoolLog component, it's plugins and other extensions from our download page. For some of our extensions you'll need an active subscription license.
If you need any help installing or having troubles you can use the Support Ticket System to get in touch.

jdownloads plg150x150For our FoolLog component we have created a new plugin. This time it's for the popular JDownloads download manager extension created by Arno Betz.

It will log actions made by your backend managers/administrators for JDownloads so you can keep track what is changed and who changed it. This plugin can only by used when you have our FoolLog component installed. For that you'll need a subscription and than you can download all plugins freely.

Enjoy using this plugin - and if you have any questions or experiencing trouble while using it, do contact us by creating a ticket in our support forum.

reqtext2(150x150)After a long time we are proud to release an updated version of our ReqText VirtueMart plugin today!

It is made fully functional for VirtueMart v3.x and is not compatible with version 2.x anymore as we announced before. We've fix some bugs, optimized the code and made it compatible for Joomla! 4.
This version also contains a great new feature! We present to you the required color selection field for your products. This option can be used to let your customers select colors for a product upon the add-to-cart process. And it can be a required field too!
To make it easy you can use a color picker in the configuration of the required field so no color codes need be looked up :-) Ofcourse you can add seperate hints for each color and set a default selection for the customer.

Starting from this version of ReqText we've put the manual only for all users to read - this way we can update it quickly and all users can read about it's features and usage in the online manual.

You can download the ReqText plugin from our download page or use your Joomla! Extensions update procedure if you've have an active subscription license.

foollog150x150It's friday and a good day to release a new version of the FoolLog component. It contains some bugfixes and a better display of all the log record information (like extra data stored by the plugins).

When you want to use new or updated plugins for the FoolLog component it's best to install this FoolLog version so all functions work correctly. Sometimes we implement extra functionality to the component so plugins work flawlessly together with FoolLog.

foollog plg150x150Also available starting today is the JoomShopping FoolLog plugin. JoomShopping is a free online shop component and several users have requested a FoolLog plugin for it.

Using this plugin you can log create, save, update, moderate and deleted actions for JoomShopping categories, products, orders, payment methods, shipping prices, etc. It will also log configuration changes for the component. For this plugin to work correctly you'll have to use the FoolLog component version 1.3.

Interested in what FoolLog can do for you? Do check the FoolLog product page product page and the documentation to read how easy it is to use the FoolLog component.

bcrumbsmod(150x150)New this week are the update releases for all our Breadcrumbs modules. The BreadCrumbs Advanced, BreadCrums Advanced Plus and the BreadCrumbs CSS modules are update to the latest Joomla!™ 3.8.6 release and made compatible with Joomla!™ 4 alpha.

The modules are better SEO optimized by using the itemscope attributes for the Microdata search engines use to index your website(s). Also a few bugs are fixed and some CSS styles are updated. And, last-but-not-least, the breadcrumbs work with an unordered list again for better template compatibility.

Check out our demo page for a demonstration of the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus module and you can find all the modules in our download section.