reqtext2(150x150)We've released a new version of our ReqText VirtueMart plugin today. It's a bugfix release which fixes some issues on with the "hidden price" feauture and made some PHP 7 compatible changes. Not a big release with all new features but we do recommend updating your ReqText plugin. It will keep your site nice and up to date!

You can download it from our download page or use your Joomla! Exteions update procedure if you've have a active subscription license.

upagebreak iconA new and free plugin has been released last week. The UPagebreak plugin to add some "highly needed" options to style the display of Pagebreak buttons.

This plugin was first created for internal use to provide some better options when writing online documentation using the standard articles. After we've tweaked the default plugin to our own needs we realized we are probably not the only ones who could use that plugin. Check out the features on the Upagebreak product page or download it to try it.

The plugin is based on the original Joomla!™ Pagebreak plugin and is totally free for you to use for as long as you need it on any website you want. Enjoy it!

bcrumbscss(150x150)We have a new Joomla!™ module to offer in our products range! One that can be seen as the follow up (or replacement for the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus module.

For your convience this new module is called BreadCrumbs CSS! And the reason for that is the full use of CSS3 animations without the need of any Javascript code (except for the IE11 blur fix). We took care we implemented all the extra functions from the BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus into this new module. But now you can create even more beautiful breadcrumbs on all of your websites. For instance you can let the breadcrumbs shake when your users hover above them. Or what about a nice text blur and even a complete shadow on the ground for your breadcrumbs?

So we think there are a lot of new features to discover. For more information and examples of the animations you can browse to the product information of the BreadCrumbs CSS module.

css iconDid you also had some troubles with the display of our Support Ticket System? Well, you were not the only one en unfortunally it took awhile to solve these issues. But.....

Finally it's ready -  the support ticket system displays as it should! The input fields are good readable now and you do not have to click any tabs seperatly to read it's contents. The color styling is more adjusted to the layout of our website which make it better readable instead of a color rainbow on your screen.
Feel free to use the easier accessible support system - we'll try our best to assist you. Or you can read the topics already present so maybe it can answer your question even faster.

It has been a while since a ReqText plugin update has been released. So we thought it is about time for some new features.

This new version contains a few bugfixes (ofcourse) but also a lot of code is optimized for faster processing of the plugin routines. But the biggest change is the implementation of global settings for the ReqText plugin.

In the previous versions of the plugin it was necessary to set the ReqText options for each product (every time). Starting from this version that is no longer needed (but can be done if you wish). You can now set the global options upon setup of the custom field and use it for every product needed. But you can overrule these options for each product individually. That is a great feature everyone missed in this plugin.

All the changes for this version can be found in the "Release notes" in the donwload section of our website.