ReqText Virtuemart plugin


ReqText is a VirtueMart 2.x plugin to add the functionality of required customer input fields for a product. This is a feature the current version of VirtueMart (version 2.0.24 at this moment) does not have.

The plugin also contains a more optimized custom vmprices.js script which solves a few basic bugs from the original script and it contains the routines for checking if a customer input field is required and shows the corresponding message.
So now you can always use all benefits of VirtueMart and the ReqText plugin together.

You have several settings for the use of required input fields to your products. Your customers must first enter a text or make a selection out of given choices before adding the product to the cart.

textsample selectsample radiosample reqtextdemo

Why do I need ReqText?

Well, as stated above – the current version of VirtueMart does not offer the possibility to add customer input fields that must be filled (required) before ordering a product. Also missing is the option to add radio buttons or checkboxes. You can set the options for each product individually and this can be achieved using the CUSTOM FIELDS  option in the VirtueMart backend.


So when you require input for a product you can use this ReqText plugin. For instance when you sell personalized towels with the printed name of your customer, you need to know what the customer’s name is before you can deliver such an order. The customer selects the product in your webshop and before the ADD TO CART button can be clicked a text field must be filled. If not the customer will be noticed about the missing text and the order is not placed in the cart, yet.

After filling all required fields the product can be added to the cart and all entered values are listed beneath the product in the cart.

Short overview

The (required) input fields for the ReqText plugin are:

  • Text input
  • Textarea input
  • Dropdown list (selectlist)
  • Radio buttons list
  • Checkbox list
  • Datepicker (version 1.2 and higher)

For each input fields you can set the input to 'required' or not. If a input field is required the customer must enter a value (or make a selection) before the 'Add to cart button' can be used. If the required setting isn't set a choice can be made but isn't mandatory to order a product.

The 'Required Field' message is shown using the Poshy Tip jQuery library and has several CSS styles which you can use:


And ofcourse the plugin is multilingual aware. The default languages added to the installation package are english and dutch. You can always create your own language files using a copy of the en-GB.plg_vmcustom_reqtext.ini file and the en-GB.plg_vmcustom_reqtext.sys.ini file.

Full manual

After you've purchased a license for the use of the ReqText plugin you can immediately download the ReqText plugin and the full manual in PDF format. The manual describes how to install and use the ReqText plugin and extensivly describes every possible setting for the plugin.

How about support?

Surely we'll give you support when you need it! From the moment you've purchased the ReqText plugin you'll recieve full support for one year. This also includes the downloading of new versions and bugfixes for the ReqText plugin.
And best of all; you can use the ReqText plugin on any site you develop for a period of a life time!

VirtueMart note

This plugin does not affect any source code of the VirtueMart package or it’s plugins. You can update VirtueMart at any time without the loss of the ReqText functionality.